First of all, we would like to thank everyone who believed that a small, independent company from South-Eastern Europe could launch a new brand and sell in dozens of countries around the world, and compete with the biggest names in the sector.

To all of you who have not heard of us and tried our NEXTACKLE fly rods and blanks, now is the time to try something new and different!

There are many manufacturers of fly fishing rods with different brands and models in the sector, but only few manufacture blanks. This is not only due to the low volumes on the blank market, but much more because in order to start this business, you need to be a passionate fly fisherman, and even a little bit crazy. Fly fishing is a passion that takes you further and further: from your first cast, through fly tying, ultimately to tying your first fly rod.

Even in a small country like Bulgaria, fly fishermen who make their own rods are part of a special community united by their favorite hobby and desire to get better, and the understanding that fly fishing with your self-made fly rod gives you more pleasure than using an expensive brand.

For more than five years now, we have been selling our blanks across Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. As many fly fishermen around the world use our NEXTACKLE blanks, we think that the time has come to introduce our brand to a wider audience, and at least pay respect to our customers who have been supporting us through the years.

We started on a small scale, but sales volumes and positive reviews make us be optimistic for the future.

Our material

The rod-building is in chaos when it comes to different types of carbon. The same type of carbon material can have different names. This is usually aimed at increasing sales by making items more attractive. You will come across different names like GLX, IM12, 60T and many others. To put it clearly, you have to know that the higher modulus carbon, the lighter and stiffer the blank is, which makes it more brittle and fragile. Other important components in the making of blanks are the raisins, the manufacturing process, and the specific taper. One has to decide whether it is worth paying a higher price for a high modulus carbon blank, or make themselves a fly rod from IM6 or IM7 carbon, having in mind that the difference in weight is only 10-15%. That is why our blanks are made of 30T, or IM6, carbon. This carbon is very popular, as it is flexible and reliable.

This is one of the main reasons why we choose to use IM6 for our blanks and fly rods. As we mentioned before, it is a bit heavier, but we want our blanks and fly rods to have excellent casting, strength and reliability. Moreover, we do not want to compete with the big U.S. companies. We focus on reliability, excellent casting and reasonable price.

The action of our fly rods and blanks

By using IM6, or 30T, carbon, we want to stand out from the fashion trends of the big manufacturers around the world. We have a slightly different approach: we do not enjoy casting with a very fast action and light fly rod. We believe that casting with a medium or medium-fast action fly rod is an excellent choice. Going back to the old school is the thing we seek in our blanks and fly rods, and this is not nostalgic but done on purpose, in order to fully enjoy exquisite casting, which you cannot achieve with a fast action fly rod.

The other thing we consider important in our series of blanks and fly rods is the European style fly fishing: blanks specialized for light nymphing and dry fly, in different lengths and line weights. We have decided to cover four of the main European fly fishing styles with four models.

Our blanks and fly rods

Dry fly fly fishing is basically the same in most European countries. The length of the fly rods is 6.6 to 8.8 ft, and the line weight is 3 to 5. It is in this segment that we have excellent offers.

Our series SDF (stream dry fly) with lengths 6.6 to 8.6 ft are specialized for dry fly fly fishing on small rivers with lush vegetation on the banks, where using a long fly rod is difficult.  

Our other series ADVANCE includes blanks and fly rods with only 9 ft length, with line weights from 2 to 6. Each of those blanks has a specific application: the lower line weights are suitable for light nymphing and dry fly fishing with light leaders, without worrying about big fish. The other line weights, like 5 or 6, are suitable for larger rivers, long casts, and larger fish.


LL NYMPH (light long nymph) is a series of the three most popular line weights, 2, 3 and 4, and a length of 10 feet. If you have one of these rods, you can use it for French, Spanish, or Czech nymph across Europe with excellent results. These blanks are light, well balanced, can be used with very light leaders and have an amazing roll cast.

The last series is not very popular and still not used very much, but we hope that its popularity will grow. The 11 ft and 12 ft fly rods are created for light nymphing on big and wide European rivers with strong currents, where line control is essential. The SL NYMPH (super-long nymph) series is more a like provocation and a look into the future of fly fishing for grayling.

Our warranty

We guarantee you that no matter how, when and where you have broken your rod or blank, we will do our best to deliver to your address, as fast as we can, a spare part for minimum charge.

We do not plan to change our models very often and that is why we have all spare parts in stock. The NEXTACKLE products are covered by a one-year warranty for material and manufacturing defects, but even after the warranty expires, you can count on our service and attention.

We are proud to say that we have kept all our customers satisfied with our service, no matter which part of the world they come from.

You can count on us!