Fly Rods

Medium Fast Action

For several years now and in many countries around the world, we have been selling our Nextackle blanks to flyfishermen and professional rod-builders. We constantly keep in touch with our customers and we have learned that there is an interest in fly rods made with our blanks and higher quality components. This is how we started the development of Nextackle fly rods. At the beginning of the project, we decided to limit our product line to the most popular line weights and lengths on the European market. In the future, we plan to introduce fly rods for the whole range of our blanks.

Our Nextackle fly rods are made of 30T IM6 carbon. This is one of the most widely used materials for fly rods in the industry. It is not the lightest, but it is very reliable. The color of the fly rods is olive-brown, with a fine polish to prevent the blank from scratches.

The action of our fly rods is progressive, medium-fast, which is done on purpose in order to stand out from the mass produced fast action fly rods and keep the pleasure of casting. Our understanding is that medium fast fly rods allow the use of finer tippets, smaller flies, more precise presentation, and overall, a richer flyfishing experience.

Our guides are made by the US company Pac Bay. They are single-legged, hard-chrome, very light, strong and reliable. The stripping guide is double-legged, made by the same manufacturer. We went for single-legged guides because nowadays most European flyfishermen use specialized small diameter fly lines for nymphing and sometimes even monofilament. We use aluminum reel seat made by Sea Guide, which is one of the best fly rod components manufacturer. We have chosen this type of reel seat because it balances the rod much better without compromising the weight. The handle is made of AAA quality cork, and there is also a winding check.

The attention to detail, the long period of testing, the use of high-quality components has paid off. We are proud to present our Nextackle fly rods!

If you want to have a fine, balanced, reliable fly rod with a perfect casting, Nextackle fly rod is your choice!

SDF 376-4 4 A 7’6″ 3 86
SDF 486-4 4 A 8’6″ 4 96
ADVANCE 390-4 4 A 9′ 3 99
ADVANCE 490-4 4 A 9′ 4 104
ADVANCE 590-4 4 A 9′ 5 106
ADVANCE 690-4 4 A 9′ 6 110
LL NYMPH 3100-4 4 A 10′ 3 113
LL NYMPH 4100-4 4 A 10′ 4 115


  • IM6 / 30 Million Modules Graphite Technology
  • Deep, smooth, medium-fast action blank construction
  • Deep olive brown blank color with gloss finish
  • Light olive brown wraps
  • Pacific Bay ceramic stripper guides
  • Pacific Bay hard chrome single leg guides and tip-top
  • Sea Guide Silver matt anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • High grade aluminum Pacific Bay winding check
  • Pacific Bay hook keeper
  • High grade AAA half wells cork handle
  • Rugged green cordura nylon rod tube with divided liner